andy rock

From 1978 to 2004, I worked for the Cleveland Museum of Art, first as an art handler & installation technician, and then for fifteen years as Chief Packing Specialist.

My years as an art handler and installation technician gave me a wide variety of experience in the safe handling, mounting, installation and display of both two and three dimensional artwork. As Chief Packing Specialist, I was responsible for all packing and crating needs of the museum. This included the design, fabrication and construction of all the crates for long distance and international shipments, as well as soft wrapping and shipping for pieces that did not warrant a crate. I have handled, installed, packed and shipped items as small and as fragile as a Faberge egg, to framed works in all varieties of media, to pieces as large, yet delicate as a Howard Ben Tre Sculpture.

I left the museum to start Andy Rock Fine Art Services with my son. My team and I can provide for all your fine art and antique needs. Feel free to look around our web site to get a better feel for the services we offer.

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Andy Rock

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